"A Death has Occurred"

Although each case is unique, a death will usually take place at home at a hospital, or at a nursing home.

Location Process
Home (Unexpected death) Contact 911
Home (Expected death) Contact Family Doctor
Hospital Contact Us
Nursing Home Contact Us

At Home: In the case of an unexpected death at home, contact 911. If the death was expected, simply contact the family doctor, and they will respond and contact the coroner. Once the coroner has been to pronounce the passing, he/she will sign a release. This release is required for us to take the deceased into our care. Although we need a release in order to begin the cremation or burial process, please call us at any time throughout this process and we can talk you through the necessary steps.

At Hospital/Nursing Home: If a death has occurred at a hospital or nursing home simply call us and we can talk you through the necessary steps to begin the process.